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"Who are their People? My grandmother used to ask me this whenever we discussed anyone. She wanted to know family connections.
Like her I want to know "My People". This blog is about that discovery.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

52 Ancestors: Closest to My Birthday~ Auntie Kate

 The prompt this week for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: 2015 Edition is to write about the ancestor who is closest to your birthday.
    My genealogy software, Legacy Family Tree, has a great search tool. After entering a search for anyone born in August, I discovered that my Great Grand Aunt, Kathryn Louise Baker Ryan (1898-1987), was born on August 5, the closest to my August 3 birthday.

Kathryn "Kate" Baker Ryan (1898-1987)
©Cheri Hudson Passey
  "Auntie Kate", as I called her, was the daughter of Arthur Wellington Baker (1857-1940) and Martha Victoria (Bradford) Baker (1862-1946). She was born and lived most of her life in Sumter County, South Carolina.
 As a child I remember going to the home she and her two sisters shared. One of those sisters was my Great Grandmother, Emma Ruth (Baker) Early (1901-1993). All were widows.

Three of the Baker sisters
L-Ella Fair (Baker) Wells (1889-1971)
M-Emma Ruth (Baker) Early (1901-1993)
R-Kate Louise (Baker) Ryan ( 1898-1987)
©Cheri Hudson Passey

  My memories of Auntie Kate was that she was a great cook. I especially remember her creamed corn. No one could make it quite like her. She had a poodle named "Jacques. He could do several tricks and was even potty trained! Think about that one for a minute... I won't give details but he just needed someone to flush for him.

Kate and "Jacques"
Early 1980's

   Auntie Kate was one of the first people I spoke to in 1979 about genealogy. She had spent many years researching the Baker family. Her work had been placed into a book and she gave me a copy of it. I was hooked!

   Kate married James "Jimmy" Patrick Ryan (1893-1950) on 27 Sept. 1921 in Newport, Rhode Island. In 1922 Jimmy was honorably discharged from the Navy and they moved to live by Kate's family in Sumter County, South Carolina. They adopted their daughter, Ellen Anne Ryan (1934-1988) in 1936. 

Kate and Jimmy Ryan
©Cheri Hudson Passey

Both are buried in the Sumter City Cemetery in Sumter, South Carolina.

 Are we kin? Please contact me. Together we can find our people.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

FGS 2015-Session, Eating & Packing Plans

    With only two weeks before FGS 2015, it's time to think about what classes to attend, events to go to, as well as what and where to eat.
     The FGS 2015 app will let you see the list of lectures by day,or by speaker. After clicking on your choice it will be added to "My Schedule. Once at the conference it can be easily accessed to see where you are going next.
  The choices of presentations make it difficult to decide. Great speakers with equally fantastic topics are being offered throughout all four days. There is truly something for everyone and for every level of experience.  The syllabus is available for download to help make your schedule. Sometimes the titles of a presentation suggest a topic that is not what the lecture turns out to be, so it's helpful to read through the handouts for the class before making up your mind.
   Some-but not nearly all-of the sessions I am looking forward to are:
Wed. Feb. 11
Your Society Can't Afford To Do a Seminar? Here's How!
by Paula Stuart-Warren

Thurs. Feb. 12
Bridging the Gap: Tracing Families in the United States Between 1780 and 1830
 by D. Joshua Taylor

Friday, Feb. 13
Doing the History Eliminates the Mystery
by Curt Witcher

Saturday, Feb. 14
"She Came From Nowhere"...A Case Study Approach to Solving A Difficult Genealogical Problems
 by Michael Lacopo

  Of course I am also looking forward to hearing from Judy Russell, Tom Jones, Thomas MacEntee, Jen Baldwin, CeeCee More, Maureen Taylor, Lisa Alzo, J. Mark Lowe, Jennifer Alford....gosh the list goes on and on!

  As far as where to eat, I haven't been to Salt Lake for years so I can't recommend any particular place. There are malls and restaurants within walking distance, so, whether you want fast food or something more, it should be easy to find.  Luncheons, which are offered at an additional cost, are offered by FGS each day and will feature a speaker as well as great food.

   My preference, if not meeting someone for lunch or dinner, is to carry snacks and a water bottle with me. Breaks can be taken in the expo hall or in a quiet area and not standing in line waiting to get something to eat.
    From previous conference experiences, I would suggest comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. There will be a lot of walking around from class to class and in the expo hall. If you're planning on leaving the conference center for a break or to get something to eat make sure you take a coat. I have added Salt Lake to my weather app on my phone so that I can better plan what type of clothing I will need to pack.
    A sweater or jacket is a must due to never knowing how hot or cold a particular room will be. You don't want to be freezing during a session and not be able to concentrate on what the speaker is saying.
   Fortunately, I am staying with a relative so I am not concerned about charging my phone and tablet at night.  Most Hotels are getting better about having charging stations in their rooms but you may want to think about bringing a plug that will allow you to charge several things at once.  Portable chargers are great to have during the day in case you need to recharge your devices.
      Think about what you want to carry around with you. Bags get heavy after buying books and collecting handouts and flyers in the expo hall. Usually, you will receive some type of bag when you check into a conference. Sometimes these bags are wonderful, sometimes not so much!
  I bought a bag that has several outside pockets and one large pocket inside. There are mesh pockets on the sides for water or soda bottles. It will hold my tablet, keyboard, a spiral note book, if I decide to go old school in my note taking, and anything else that I pick up during the day. It will also come in handy at the Family History Library. It is not bulky and will fold up flat to put in my suitcase.
 And that suitcase? Got it out of the shed today. Time to start packing!
Hope to see you there!